Internet via Satellite

Internet and telephone, even when cable or adsl are not available


For several years we do the installation and support of Internet (and telephony) via satellite. For both permanent setups as well as temporary setups like on events. We supply and maintain systems with the following options:

Internet Basic

Internet & telephone

With a small dish and a router, you can get online easily throughout Central Europe. The offered rate is 20 Mbps, more than enough to watch videos, emailing and to use VoIP services. It is also possible to use the same dish for the reception of TV channels via the ASTRA 1 and 3, which offer all Dutch public and commercial channels.


Because the datavolume of subscriptions is limited, you must consider this in regard to downloading and streaming eg. Video (YouTube, Uitzendinggemist). The use of VPN connections is also less suitable.

Overview packages
Max. download Max. upload Max. data
6 Mb/s 256 Kb/s 4 GB
10 Mb/s 256 Kb/s 10 GB
20 Mb/s 2 Mb/s 5 GB
20 Mb/s 2 Mb/s 15 GB
20 Mb/s 2 Mb/s 20 GB
20 Mb/s 2 Mb/s 25 GB
20 Mb/s 2 Mb/s 50 GB
Given speeds are in kilobit or megabit per second.

Internet Plus

Internet & telephone

Internet Plus offers a choice of different subscriptions for consumers and businesses, both with and without data limit or speed limit by a 'fair use policy'.


Due to the larger footprint than Internet Basic, Internet Plus can be used in a wider area, even outside Europe.

Overview packages
Package Max. download Max. upload Max. data
TW 10 22 Mb/s 6 Mb/s 10 GB
TW 25 22 Mb/s 6 Mb/s 25 GB
TW 40 22 Mb/s 6 Mb/s 40 GB
TW Extra 22 Mb/s 6 Mb/s 100 GB
Given speeds are in megabit per second.