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Dutch channels

The dutch channels are broadcasted via astra 1 and 3 at 19,2 en 23,5 degrees east by Canal Digital Netherlands. For the reception of dutch channels you need a receiver that can cope with the encoding that Canal Digital Netherlands is using together with a smartcard and subscription to one of the dutch packages.

Free To Air (FTA)

Besides the channel packages offered by Canal Digital Netherlands you can recieve hundreds of international 'FTA' (Free To Air) TV and radio channels via the Astra, Eutelsat and other satellites. (for free, without registration / subscription!)
Like for example:

BBC 1, 2, 3, 4 and ITV 1, 2, 3, 4, Film 4, BBC World, CNN, EuroNews, Sky News, Travel Channel, CBS Action, CBS Drama, CBS Reality, Horror Channel, Channel 4, True Movies, Classic FM TV, Playboy One, Extreme Sports Channel and many other english spoken TV an radio channels.

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Also available are more then 60 german TV channels, like for example: ARD, ZDF, WDR, NDR, SAT 1, RTL, Pro7 and Arte.

There is a huge international range of many free-to-air stations from other European countries, the Middle-East and from more exotic regions.

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Foreign channels

Besides the FTA channels and receivers, we also provide systems for the reception of foreign channels like Sky and TNT.

We can give you free advice for the best solution for your viewing and listening wishes in your situation.

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Satellite is currently the most ideal platform for HDTV broadcasting. This is due to the abundance of unused bandwidth on various satellites, like Astra 3 that is used by Canal Digital. For those who want to enjoy a better quality, Canal Digital is definitely a choice to consider.

What equipment do i need?

For the reception you will need a HDTV capable receiver. Required features include: MPEG4, DVB-S2 and H.264. To receive both astra1 and astra3 you can use a Duo LNB, a multifocus dish or a rotatable dish.


The english free HDTV channels, BBC HD, Luxe TV HD and ITV HD, are broadcasted via the astra2 satellite. HDTV channels are also available on the Eurobird 9 satellite at 9 degrees east.

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Internet via satelliet

Internet and telephone

Satellite can do more than just TV, Internet and phone are also possible via satellite. More about this on our Internet-page.